Wedding Dance Lessons


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I am honored to help prepare your special day.

  • All wedding programs are customized for the tastes, skill & learning curve of each couple. I help you develop a dance that feels comfortable, fun, and expresses “you” and your love for each other on your wedding day. I give my students lots of attention, intention, and review, so you feel really comfortable and great about your moves.

  • My teaching style is especially great for beginners and couples: I am enthusiastic, patient & encouraging.

  • Lessons are focused & distraction-free in private studios: we have full, dedicated use of the dance floor & music (i.e. don't share with others).

  • Includes performance coaching on expression, presentation, tips for minimizing nerves, and how to practice for best results.

  • I review your song outside the lesson time, "map" out its sections & highlights, so we know its structure for optimal choreography, and can recommend where to make any edits, if needed, incl. referral to professional music editor.

  • You are welcome to video at the end of each lesson, to take the moves home for optimal review & practicing.

  • Your results will vary GREATLY depending on how much practice you can put in outside the lessons: as much practice as you can do on your own allows us to keep moving forward (vs. reviewing) during the lesson time. (And of course it’s no problem to review, for those who are extremely busy before their big day: it just means we'll be doing a simpler dance.)

  • Timing or "when to begin": this depends on your learning style (slow & steady, vs. pressure-deadline motivated), how much realistic time you have to practice, how much you'd like to grow your dancing skills over time (vs. putting together a quick choreography) & how busy you will be before your wedding: a weekly or 2x/week lesson series completing days to a few weeks prior to your date is an average timeline, although it varies and every couple is different. Ideal is close enough that you can remember the piece well, and early enough that you have time to practice and be ready before travel and schedule demands right before the event.

  • Wedding Packages:

    • 1 lesson (55 minutes) - Gain a more confident connection, simple steps, entrance & finale dip. $110

    • "Basic" Wedding 5-Pack - Get comfortable with simple choreographed dance moves, develop your lead/follow skills, including fun variations, a beautiful entrance, turns and a finale dip. $510 (save $40; expires 2 months from 1st lesson date)

    • "Polish" 10-Pack - Develop a fuller choreography (including lead/follow technique, entrance, turns, dips, ending & exit), gives you much more confidence and practice time for your wedding day, will allow the dance to feel more natural & look more polished. Recommended if you wish to do multiple styles in one dance. $995 (save $105; expires 4 months from 1st lesson date)